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In the morning when we rise.”

Oh really?

The only thing I want to do when I finally drag myself out of bed in the morning is get back under the covers, especially now the weather has turned a bit chilly. The one incentive that actually gets me up is the craving for hot tea and buttered toast smothered in coarse-cut Dundee marmalade.

Once that’s out of the way I may start to think about exercising but then I remind myself that I should wait at least an hour before doing anything really physical after eating. So I shuffle over to the laptop; check for emails, read some blogs, catch up on facebook, upload a few pics on flickr and before you know it…two hours have gone by. Time for coffee!

Wait for another hour, after having a gallon of coffee and a plateful of biscuits, then reluctantly pull out the exercise mat, do a couple of toe touches and ease myself gently to the floor. I’ve always found exercising from the sitting or lying down position most preferable. The real exercise is in the getting back up.

I just reach the count of three as I get into my ab-crunch routine when the phone goes. I can’t afford to ignore it. I don’t get many calls and sometimes even a chat with the lady from the local charity pick-up service is welcome.

Wow! Who would have thought we’d have so much to talk about since the last time she called! It’s lunch time. Well, I’ll get back to the exercises after that and the required one hour digesting period.  Now, where were we? A few sit-ups and half a dozen bicycle crunches later and the doorbell rings. When I finally manage to get there I find a kid armed with a box-full of candy. Would I like to buy some chocolate bars loaded with almonds in aid of the local school sport’s team? You bet!!

Well, while I’m up I might as well have a cup of tea with one of those candy bars and perhaps an apple just to add something healthy to the mix, wait another hour and get back to the mat. But during that hour I start writing this blog and before you know it, it’s time to make dinner.

There’s nothing like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by steaming hot ‘Spotted Dick.’ Now, let me see. While I‘m waiting to digest that lot I think I’ll watch a couple of episodes of MI5, but I’ll leave the mat where it is, just in case I have a chance to get back to it before bedtime.

Who am I kidding!!