The other day my grandson and I were able to spend some time together downtown.  Although it was extremely windy, the weather was lovely, sunny and not too cold, so we decided to walk down by the lake which, in hindsight probably wasn’t such a great idea.

As we were strolling along we came across a huge fish, lying right there on the edge of the wall. There was no-one nearby so we went to take a closer look. It seemed like it hadn’t been there that long and might even still be alive. Now we are both softies when it comes to animals etc and J is such a kind-hearted boy! We stood there discussing what a shame it was if someone had caught it and just left it there and he said “Well there’s no reason why it can’t go back in the water,” and picking it up, tossed it back in. You can probably see where this is going!

From some way off a man started screaming profanities at us. Apparently he was fishing and had left it there while moving further down the path to try his luck. Of course we apologized profusely but he was absolutely beside himself and I really thought he was going to knock us down. We told him we hadn’t seen him, I think we were so caught up in the plight of the fish that we just hadn’t noticed him, although, as I say, he was quite a distance from where we were. To make matters worse, the people who were walking past were taking his side and joining in, so, discretion being the better part of valor, I grabbed J’s arm and we beat a hasty retreat.
Now I’m not a great fan of killing anything just ‘for fun’ not even fish, but I’ve been on enough fishing trips with my husband to appreciate the patience it takes to sit there for hours on end in the hope that you might actually land something. I felt for the guy! But on the other hand it scared me to think how easily the whole situation could have become totally out of control. I know my grandson can swim but if this disgruntled sportsman had decided to throw me into the water after his erstwhile catch, I would have been dead meat (or fish, if you prefer.)
Next time I go for a walk down by the lake, if I see a fish lying around, even if it sits up and begs me for help, it’s on it’s own!