The other day I had the great honor of being nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by http://wp.me/1M5wF  scillagrace. Among the things that Scillagrace writes about in her blog, which is illustrated with beautiful pictures, is the awesome work that she does at Old World Wisconsin.

One of the requirements in accepting this nomination is that I list 7 things about myself, not an easy task but here goes;

1. I enjoy visits to the zoo.  Even after years of taking the kids & grandkids there, it’s still fun.

2.  I love going to the opera! The last one I saw was ‘Carmen’ at the Lyric.

3.  My favorite soccer team is Tottenham Hotspurs.

4.  I was christened in the church opposite the Spurs soccer stadium.

5.  I support the Chicago Cubs.  I don’t know why since there’s never usually too much to cheer about! Just habit I suppose.

6.  I love raspberries!  The kind you eat, not the kind you blow.

7.  I often dream about living in a big house with a conservatory and greenhouse (literally.)

And now to nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. This is even more difficult since there are so many wonderful blogs out there but these people, I feel, deserve a special mention.

1. http://wp.me/p1o5hW-ou  jbcamera was the first one to introduce me to WordPress. She writes a most interesting blog about life with her family, horses, dogs and cats and has some lovely pictures too.

2. http://wp.me/2fTEP  All that makes you… writes a very humorous blog about her three young boys. It reminds me very much of my eldest daughter and her two boys when they were kids.

3. http://wp.me/P2odEy-2  Mummy Drinks Tea writes a lovely blog  about her two daughters and besides, anyone who drinks tea and comes from East London is OK in my book!

4. http://wp.me/2buj  Breathing Space is an interesting blog about all kinds of things with plenty of humor on the side.

5. http://wp.me/1jkAI  Hurtled To 60 And Now Beyond writes about her garden among other things and has some very nice pictures.

6. http://wp.me/23gA7  Googsy’s Photography has great pictures, always with an interesting title.

7. http://wp.me/2jaAo  Images Of China Through English Eyes a blog that I have only just recently discovered has some beautiful photography and very interesting commentary.

8.  http://wp.me/1Mkin  Mike’s Look at Life always has interesting pictures of barns and old buildings splendidly photographed.

9.  http://wp.me/p2756Y-go  Brian Gaynor Photography has some excellent pictures that are well worth visiting.

10.  http://wp.me/1643X  John Mullinax’s Blog.  Can’t help going for the photography sites. John has some great pictures on his blog.

12.  http://wp.me/XqjK  I Am, Therefore I Write, I can tell, is very excited about becoming a grandma. She comments on this and other things in a very well-written blog.

13.  http://wp.me/1xkp0  Louis’ Page is a photography blog with beautiful pictures emphasizing colors, textures and shapes.

14.  http://wp.me/p20Hka-ck  My Little Green Thumbs writes about her family and the adoption process that she is now going through. I also love to read about her experiences as a Mom with a daughter in dancing class.

15.  http://wp.me/p1vGHs-1Rd   The Lantern Room has some absolutely stunning photography that is definitely ‘must see’ material.

Nice work everyone!!  And that goes for all of you out there. You do a great job! I’ve gained so much enjoyment in reading what you write and seeing all the wonderful pictures that you’ve taken. It has been a great inspiration!