Today my eldest grandchild reaches the magic number 21.  The thought of this makes me happy and just a bit sad.  Has that time really gone by so quickly?  It seems like only yesterday that he was a little baby. He is welcoming his birthday with open arms and I am thinking “My God! Am I really that old!”

He was always so easy to photograph; always smiling. A quiet yet friendly boy with a wonderful, dry sense of humor, he’s much the same today as a full-grown man. I always enjoy our time together as he tells me about his life at college and the band in which he and his father play guitar  most weekends.  It amazes me that someone so mild-mannered and reticent can throw off all inhibition on-stage and belt out the numbers that they do, but it seems to come naturally to him.

Visiting with him was always fun when he was growing up. He and his younger brother were and still are very close and they shared their childhood with a multitude of pets; a Shetland pony, horses, dogs, cats, snakes, lizards  and a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, as well as the goats and chickens that were kept for more practical purposes.

I remember sitting with him one day as we built an entire Star Wars battle cruiser out of Lego, he patiently putting the pieces together while I read the directions. I watched him horse-back riding, practicing karate and playing his guitar. He watched me fencing and shared many laughs and some memorable moments as you will see if you read my post ‘The One That Really Got Away’ https://skfjrifnd.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/the-one-that-really-got-away/.

I love him for so many reasons not the least of which is that he was always willing to sit and talk with my mother at a time in his life when many young lads would have run a mile rather than humor a ninety year-old woman by listening to her reminiscences and opinions.  He was there by her bedside, shortly before she made her final journey and I could tell that she knew he was there. She was so proud of him!

On this special day I hope that nothing but good comes to him in life.  He was never a boy that constantly asked for things. Whenever I offered to buy him something or take him somewhere special he was always reluctant to accept, not wanting to put anyone to inconvenience or expense. He was a thoughtful, kind boy and has grown into a caring, considerate young man.

Happy 21st birthday, Grandson!