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This was a great choice of topic because it’s open to so many different interpretations, but for me the word ‘hands’ immediately brought to mind the subject of music.  From the basic clapping of hands to the skillful movements of a musician as he plays all manner of instruments, hands are such an important part of making music.

The hands in this picture are those of Chicago born violinist Oliver Colbentson, who was  Concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra from 1954 to 1958. We are lucky enough to hear Mr Colbentson play occasionally when he gives recitals in our area and let me tell you that is something not to be missed! The first time I heard him play ‘Meditation’ from Thais I found myself in tears it sounded so beautiful.

I don’t usually use more than one picture for the weekly challenge but I wanted you to see this brilliant musician and his charming accompanist. What joy they bring with their respective talents, a gift from their hands that is truly priceless!