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Following Bringing Europe Home’s challenge on ‘Quotes From the Masters’ (messing about in boats) I went through a few more of my ‘boat’ pictures and came up with this one for Frizztext’s A-Z Archive http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/gallery/ challenge for this week which is the letter Y.

Yard is the term used for the spar on a mast from which the sails of a sailboat are set. I’ve often heard, in pirate movies, the expression “hang him from the yardarm” (which is the outermost tip of the yard) and also the saying “sun over the yardarm” which refers to the time of day when the first tot of rum was issued to the men on board.  So, “Arrrrr maties and shiver me timbers!!” for all you pirates out there, here is a picture of the yard!