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I have finally caught up with all the challenges as I write this one about the Letter F for Frizztext’s Story Challenge on Flickr Comments at http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/

I am a fountain fanatic. It must be the kid in me that makes me home in on the sound of water splashing in a fountain.

At the Chicago Botanic Garden there are fountains aplenty as the picture above shows. I think I counted at least nine in there the other day!

No matter whether they are small springs of water in these decorative containers at Cantigny Park or the gigantic gushes of Buckingham Fountain in downtown Chicago, they will always be worth a picture or two.

Some central motifs follow a more traditional style like the one in the old shopping district of Long Grove and others feature something a little more modern like the fountain outside the Nicholas Conservatory in Rockford, Illinois.

They can take on an art form of their own such as the one outside the Indianapolis Museum of Art shows, or can be part of a much larger structure like the one at the foot of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis.

Although many fountains seem to follow a circular pattern they can also be square like the one in Elk Grove Village or bubble up in a line like another of the fountains at The Chicago Botanic Garden. Certainly during this hot summer weather they have all had a very refreshing quality about them that makes you want to just dabble your fingers in the water.