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Frizztext’s Letter K Story Challenge at http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/ this week prompted me to write the following post about kites.

For the past 8 years the Chicago Botanic Garden has been holding its annual Kite Festival in the meadow west of Evening Island.

I think most people have attempted to fly a kite at one time or another. What kid doesn’t love to launch one of these colorful playthings high into the air! But apparently it’s not just a children’s pastime.  Some folks take it very seriously and there are even kite-flying associations.  This year, members of the Chicago Fire Kite Team and the Kite Society of Wisconsin and Illinois were on hand to give demonstrations. Participants are usually invited to bring and fly their own kites on the field during the intermission between performances and there is also a children’s kite-making workshop.

I recall, when our girls were still quite young, we would load up the car for a family picnic and would always be sure to include a couple of kites along with the usual bat & ball as well as sandwiches and the like.

Later on, when our two older grandsons were growing up, I actually went to a kite shop to buy them a fancy one which was promptly usurped by my husband and son-in-law. Now I am waiting for my two youngest grandchildren to reach an age when they can appreciate the joys of kite flying. (One of the great things about being a grandparent is the ability to re-live your childhood through such pleasant pursuits.)