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Escape 1
The current Weekly Photo Challenge set by our friends at The Daily Post is Escape. Escape for me means moving on to something else. I get bored with things fairly quickly – I used to write this blog quite regularly then dropped it as I drop so many of the activities in which I find a fleeting interest. There is one pastime that seems to have endured however, and that, in itself, is a form of escape. Working in the garden gets me out of the house and into another world; that of bright flowers, beautiful perfumes, bird song and gentle breezes.
Escape 4
Of course, it’s not like that all the time. Gardening isn’t all about wearing a floppy straw hat and dabbing at immaculate flower borders with a trowel. Sometimes it means getting extremely dirty, breaking your nails and sweating like a navvy while you dig new flower beds or build a rockery. Mowing the lawn in 90 degree heat is no picnic either and the beautiful perfumes are sometimes interspersed with a whiff of the skunk that lives under our front door-step. As for the bird song, it’s lovely to hear but, as you may have read in previous entries to this blog, I have a morbid fear of being in close proximity to our feathered friends and spend a good deal of my time outside jumping and shrieking whenever they fly too close.
Escape 3
But the rewards are well worth the toil. When I weary of the endless round of washing dishes, making beds, mopping floors and all the other thankless, mundane tasks that make up my day, when I want to escape the silence and solitude of an empty house, what better way than to step outside, whenever the fancy takes me, into a garden filled with flowers (unless it be an English country garden.)
Escape 2