Busy cutting down a dead lilac tree today. Hey! Wait a minute! It’s Labor Day. I should be taking it easy. Well, you do what you gotta do, right?


 After nearly forty years of careful observation I’m just beginning to grasp the technicalities and nuances of American football.  I was first introduced to the game at a USAF base in England and was totally bewildered by the constant change of players; offense running on and defense rushing off the field every few minutes. What on earth were they wearing all that gear for and why did they call it football when, as far as I could see, only one man on the field actually put his foot anywhere near the ball? I was definitely a soccer fan in those days.

  I quite enjoyed cricket, too. My father, having been denied a son, felt obliged to at least teach me the rudiments of the game and even showed me how to bowl a googlie. But that was, I have to admit, the extent of my interest in sports.

Since then I…

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