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Ailsa’s Travel Theme challenge this week on Where’s My Backpack at http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/10/04/travel-theme-height/ is Height.

There may be taller buildings, statues and places than the ones pictured below but to my eyes they were, nevertheless, quite impressive.


In Chicago it’s all about height, at least as far as the buildings are concerned. Although many countries have caught up and in some cases overtaken us, we still have some of the tallest buildings in the world in Chicago.

rock river4B

Nestled among the trees of Lowdon State Park, on a 77ft bluff overlooking the city of Oregon, Illinois on the Rock River, stands a statue named The Eternal Indian. Sometimes known as the Black Hawk statue, this dramatic piece of artwork, 48ft in height, was sculpted by Lorado Taft in 1908.

wyoming devils tower

Devils Tower, located in the Black Hills of Wyoming, is 1,267 ft in height, the summit being over 5,000 ft above sea level.

American Indian folklore has different versions of how the rock became grooved, one of which is a story of girls at play being chased by bears. According to the legend the girls prayed to the Great Spirit to save them and the rock began to rise up, lifting them out of harm’s way. The bears tried to follow and scored deep grooves in the rock with their deadly claws but it was too steep to climb.

It has become a favorite place for climbers, the first ascent supposedly made by two local ranchers on July 4th 1893. When we were there some years ago we saw several people preparing to climb and, although Devils Tower is no Mt Everest, from where I was standing it looked like quite a challenge.


The scenic tower of The Basilica of The National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians at Holy Hill in Wisconsin is 192ft in height. If you want to see an awesome view of the Kettle Moraine area you have to climb 178 stairs almost to the top of the tower. I almost made it and would have done had I not heard all the birds chattering away on the topmost floor (those of you who have read some of my previous posts will know that I have a life-long fear of birds which has always made outdoor activities a bit of an adventure for me.) Still, I got quite a good view all around from the height at which I was standing.