There’s something about autumn that makes you want to grab your camera, rush outside and start taking pictures of trees. It’s amazing how many of us ignore them the rest of the year but come October and we’re out there, snapping away at maple, oak, beech and aspen, as though we’d never seen a tree before in our lives. You can’t help it. You just have to capture those fabulous Fall colors.

And it’s not only trees. The chrysanthemums are in full bloom and pumpkins appear magically on people’s door-steps overnight; what a wonderful time of year this is for the amateur photographer!

All those pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes……Wait! What am I saying? Halloween was the one event in our busy social calendar that I used to dread the most. Sitting up till three-o-clock in the morning, sewing feathers onto a parrot costume, only to have…

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