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The Weekly Photo Challenge from the folks on The Daily Post at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/work-of-art/ is Work Of Art. I’ve taken many pictures of great artwork on display in galleries and museums but for this challenge I thought I’d keep it strictly in the family.

When we took little granddaughter and her brother to their local children’s museum, she headed straight for the art room, put on a smock, chose her colors and set to work. She was only three years old at the time and it wasn’t so much what she painted as how she went about it.

work of art2

She was very methodical. There was no slap-dash application of paint to paper. She had a definite idea in mind. It took her a little while to figure out that she could manage better with the paintbrush in her left hand rather than the right but once that was sorted out she really got going. The subject, she told us, was a forest, and I found it interesting that there was no green in the picture, the only other color being a light turquoise which I thought went rather nicely with the brown.

work of art 3

She took a long time over it (littlest grandson had already finished his work of art and had gone on, with grandpa, to other things) and practically had to be dragged away from the easel. I was allowed to bring this masterpiece home with me and it took pride of place on the front of our refrigerator for many months. I saved it, as I have done with many such works of art that my children and grandchildren have labored over.

In fact it’s no exaggeration to say that I kept every piece of school work that our three girls ever brought home, from pages full of math problems, essays and spelling tests to crafts and pieces of artwork. Our youngest daughter had a very lively if weird imagination and many of her stories and works of art caused us a good deal of unintentional laughter.

work of art 4

The picture shown above was drawn when she was 8 years old in response to a social studies class dealing with vandalism. What really grabbed our attention was the drawing in the upper right corner of the poster.

work of art 5

Policeman: “Put your hand up then I will shoot!” Oh, really??