Not only have they been digging up the roads and sidewalks recently but yesterday they decided to come around and cut down some trees. It was absolute chaos here in our quiet little neighborhood for a while as the sounds of sawing mingled with jackhammers filled the air.

road up

The road crews are doing a very efficient job and despite the fact that we have all been out there wandering around having a little moan about the inconvenience, most of us accept the fact that it has to be done. And, as one man pointed out, it’s been 15 years since they did anything on this scale so we can’t really complain and at least it’s good to know that our tax dollars are being spent on something worthwhile.

The tree cutting was due to the emerald ash borer which has been a big problem in this area. The village has been very diligent in their inspection of trees on the parkways and as a result many have had to be taken down.