tree down 1

In a recent post https://skfjrifnd.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/road-up/, I commented on the fact that not only were they digging the road up outside our house but were also cutting down many of the trees on the surrounding parkways due to damage done by the emerald ash borer.

tree down 2

The tree nearest our house did not escape this ravaging pest and recently the company hired by the village to take care of the problem arrived to cut down the stricken tree. It was interesting to watch how coordinated and efficient they were. The whole process was over in a matter of minutes.

tree down 3

Here I have to say that there is a slight difference of opinion in our household regarding trees on or near our property. My husband definitely belongs to the anti-tree party. Anything that is likely to bung up the drains and cause heavy expenditure in an effort to remove offending tree roots from the sewer lines is considered persona non grata (or would it be considered arbor non grata?) as far as he’s concerned.

tree down 4

Despite having to rake leaves and pick up dead branches from the garden every once in a while, I didn’t mind having the tree there. Its position didn’t affect the shade situation in the garden too much one way or the other and it made a nice refuge for the larger birds that visited the area.

tree down 5

However, it had become a bit of an eyesore just lately because of the invading beetle and I wasn’t wholly sorry to see it removed. Still, as I watched them deftly removing branches and finally the trunk, I couldn’t help feeling a little bit sad and I stood, throughout the proceedings, capturing images of the tree’s demise, my husband standing, silently cheering, by my side.

tree down 6