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enemy camp 5

One week to go before the Packers home opener and we were standing in the enemy camp, or more precisely the car park at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

enemy camp 3

Our family is somewhat divided in its football allegiance. Living on the outskirts of Chicago we tend to cheer for the Bears. When my daughter married and moved to Wisconsin she refused to give up supporting the old home team and bravely sports a Bears t-shirt on game day. Little Granddaughter wore a Bears cheerleading outfit before she could walk. Youngest Grandson, however, has gone over to the dark side and roots for the Packers.

enemy camp

So, as I say, it was the beginning of the season and since we were in Green Bay anyway, we thought we’d go and check out the enemy camp. I have to admit, the Packers’ stadium is quite impressive. And while we can boast of legendary football icon George Halas, the Packers have placed a fitting tribute to their feisty hero, Vince Lombardi, in a prominent position outside the stadium.

enemy camp 4

The whole time we were in Green Bay I had this almost irresistible urge to scream out “GO BEARS” and at no time more so than while standing outside Lambeau Field but although there weren’t many people about I managed to stifle the inclination. After all, we Bears fans are respectful, civil and fair-minded to a degree.

enemy camp 6

Oh come now! Get real! “GO BEARS!”