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trick or treat

Nothing says Halloween and the Fall season like an orange dinosaur, even if it is so obviously a mechanical digger in disguise.

trick or treat 5

Never mind the live giraffes, (only $3 to purchase a paper cup filled with chopped carrots to feed them) the baby tiger cub (only $25 to have your picture taken with it) or the exciting pig races.

trick or treat 2

Forget the corn maze, the pumpkin patch and the hay ride. This mechanical monster was the star of the show at our local pumpkin farm, judging by the number of kids that stood enthralled as it roared and clanked back and forth until it finally managed to jerk its way down to ground level while the crowd yelled “Smash the pumpkin! Smash the pumpkin!”

trick or treat 3

I couldn’t help thinking that there was probably some poor devil inside, sweating away at the controls. It was unusually hot that day, it felt like it was in the 90’s but that might have been just my imagination, and as I watched this lurching monster being put through its paces, my heart bled for the unlucky soul who crouched beneath the covers.

trick or treat 4

I also couldn’t help wondering if this whole fall festival thing hadn’t got just a bit out of hand. I remember when our kids were happy just to go and pick out a pumpkin from a stubbled field and enjoy donuts and hot apple cider in the refreshment tent.