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Getting the Picture

Don’t get me started on hats!  Whatever happened to that essential fashion accessory that always finished off  any ensemble so perfectly? Even when our girls were growing up we used to love going to the local department stores to try on all the fancy hats. Sometimes they looked really good, other times we just had a laugh.  Of course people still wear hats but they are rarely worn as a fashion statement. (I don’t count baseball caps as fashion accessories, especially for women.)

TTC Hats 1TTC Hats 5

Some of the hats that you see today are worn strictly for ceremonial occasions or as part of an ethnic costume; dancers performing with the Ballet Folklorico in Elgin, a participant in the Polish Parade on Columbus Drive in Chicago and a Knight of Columbus forming part of the honor guard at a religious ceremony held in Grant Park, Chicago, for example.

TTC Hats 5

Some hats are worn more for protection…

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