My Other Blogs

When I first started blogging on WordPress it was under the title The Nature of Things I originally intended to write mostly about nature, flowers, wildlife etc, drawing from my experiences as an amatuer nature enthusiast and avid gardener.

Getting the Picture is strictly photographic in content; pictures that have appeared in my other blogs or ones that are getting an airing for the first time. No reading involved. There are those days when I just can’t seem to string two words together so I head over to the picture files.

Anyway, I hope if you haven’t already visited the other two sites, you’ll give them a whirl sometime and thank you for visiting.


4 thoughts on “My Other Blogs”

  1. Thank you for the like on my blog. Your images are an explosion of colour!

  2. Your blog inspired me today. The Nature of Things, delicious name, like Incidentally. Guess I pick another name for my storys. : )

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