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I have to admit that we haven’t had the opportunity to do much suburban traveling this year, or traveling of any kind, so I had to go back in the archives for some pictures that I took last autumn on our visit to Naperville, Illinois.

Joseph Naper arrived here in 1831 and founded what would later be called Naper’s Settlement on the banks of the DuPage River.  The Settlement is now a museum with 30 historic buildings located on 12 acres.

The Schultz Building originally occupied the corner of Aurora Avenue and Webster Street in the 1920’s and 30’s and served as a combination of filling station, grocery store and restaurant.

The Century Memorial Chapel was built in 1864 and moved from it’s original location on Jefferson Avenue to the Naper Settlement in 1970. With seating for 175 guests, it is now a popular venue for weddings.

Carpenter and merchant, Alexander Hamilton Howard, one of Naperville’s early postmasters, built the Paw Paw Post Office in 1833. The house was also used as a stop along a stagecoach route than ran through DuPage County.

Although the log cabin at Naper Settlement is not originally from the Naperville area, having been dismantled and shipped from Jonesboro, Illinois in 1978, it is a good representation of how Naperville’s first settlers lived.

Built in 1883, the Martin Mitchell Mansion, originally called Pinecraig, was not only the Martin family home but also a place of business.  George Martin owned large quarry works along the DuPage River. In 1936, Martin’s daughter and last surviving heir, Caroline Martin Mitchell, left the house to the City of Naperville.

The Dandelion Fountain, seen here across the street from Naperville Public Library on the right, is just one of many items of interest along The Riverwalk that runs beside the West branch of the DuPage River.  It is interesting to note that in a 2010 study, Naperville was ranked as the wealthiest city with a population exceeding 75,000, in the Midwest.

The Amphitheater is an open-tiered area that plays host to many community events and performances.

Some whimsical artwork on display in Naperville; River Reveries by Jennifer Hereth and Best Friends by Dale Rogers.

Part of the scenic 1.75 mile walk along the river in Naperville. You can just make out Moser Tower in the background behind the covered bridge.

Moser Tower and the Millennium Carillon stands 158ft tall with 253 steps and 72 bells the largest of which weighs 6 tons.

Paddleboat Quarry, part of the historic Naperville Quarry. By the time we visited the city in November most of these things were closed including the interiors of the buildings at Naper Settlement, so I’m looking forward to returning to Naperville at an earlier time next year.